Playing futsal is one of the best ways to develop your soccer skills. More challenging than indoor soccer—these leagues are great for improving techniques in the “off-season.” Join in the futsal-fun at Pacers Athletic Center!

  • Ages 8U-14U
  • Recommended Teams of 8
  • Where: Pacers Athletic Center
  • Cost: $650 per team

Friday Night Futsal games are scheduled at Pacers Athletic Center between 5pm-9pm. Each game lasts 48 minutes, and the fast-paced action is perfect for athletes on every level.

About Futsal

Futsal games are played on a faster, harder surface. They use a smaller, harder ball in a tighter indoor space. This helps improve players’ ball control and touch. Practicing futsal makes a normal soccer game seem easy! The 5-on-5 setting gives players more touches—which means more opportunities to score and defend.

Ready to play? Contact Scott Jefferson at (317) 437-4004 or Mark Webber at (317) 446-0525 for more information on team and/or individual futsal sign-ups. We hope to see you soon!

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