PTN UA Premeir Grassroots National Championship
7/13 – 7/15

The PTN Boys UA Premier Grassroots National Championships is the capstone event for all PTN/Premier Grassroots boys programs from around the country. Our target market are those boys organizations made up of players who have the desire and ability to play at the next level. Often, these teams feel forced to go to the huge events only to be relegated to play in a far away gym away from the action. We are squarely focused on those teams that could benefit from an event that is designed for them. The PTN UA Premier Grassroots organization is made up of a national network of event operators and club directors who are focused on development, scholarship and community. We feel that we are doing this the right way by focusing on the needs of the student athlete and acting as a partner to the high school and collegiate scholastic coaching communities. You will find our events to be professionally run, to have good team basketball and operate in an environment of competition and sportsmanship. Affiliated programs from around the country will be in attendance but the event is open to all. One national division, which is open and limited to 32. The event will also include age/talent specific divisions in this order: Elite Red, Elite Blue Open Red, Open Blue Select Red, Select Blue Typically the Elite division will be 16/17 teams. The more competitive teams will play in the red division. There may be a few 15s in this bracket that are nationally competitive and want to play up. Blue is for regionally competitive 16/17 teams and for 15s playing up. Open Red is usually the top 15s and a 16 or two that needs to play down. Open Blue will be more regionally competitive 15s and top level 14s. Select Red is typically 14s and a few nationally competitive 13s Select Blue is typically top 13s and a few more regionally competitive 14s.

  • Tournament
  • All teams
  • Boys: 17U, 16U, 15U, 14U, 13U
  • $550.00 entry fee
  • 5 games guaranteed